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SuperSquad America 8 (2005)

Jenny from the Bloc

When King Klobber and Dr. Love and the Heartbreakers crashed Diva's book launch party, Fast Track fell unconscious and Time Twister appeared. Bernie was revived and Time Twister and effects caused by him disappeared. The team soon learned that at that same time, people had fallen unconscious worldwide and creatures from their nightmares appeared. Fast Track mapped the incidents and found a pattern similar to the wave pattern emitted by a 1970s Soviet dream machine. The pattern appeared to emanate from the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine.

En route to the Ukraine, Nightingale fell unconscious and an old, sad, lonely Jenny appeared. Again, it happened worldwide.  Ekaterina Koroleva of the Russian Superhero Liaison Force met the Squad in Kiev and told them that a 1970s Soviet dream machine had indeed been stolen by the villain Red Fury who had also kidnapped his father, the Soviet hero Champion, who had been comatose since 1981 when he collapsed while in space. This was news. Most believed Champion had simply retired at that time. Major Koroleva asked Nightingale if her name was Jenny and if she had been abandoned as a baby. Jenny nodded and Koroleva dropped a bombshell: Nightingale was Champion's daughter and Red Fury's half-sister. Champion, whose wife Red Shift had died in 1977, had fallen in love with Ekaterina's sister, Irina, a witch. Blamed by the KGB for her lover's coma, the pregnant Irina fled Russia for America.

Ekaterina's people traced Red Fury to a EUREKA base near Chernobyl. Mentally scanning the base, Forethought found Champion's mind in the control center but something strange was going on. It was almost like there were two minds. Leaving the RSLF agents to capture fleeing EUREKA agents, the team fought their way to the control centre where they found Red Fury, his cohort Comrade Winter, and the dream machine with Champion attached. In the ensuing battle, Comrade Winter was quickly knocked out and Nightingale tried to convince Red Fury to free their father from the machine so they could try to help him. Swayed by his half-sister's arguments, Red Fury tried to turn off the machine but when he did so, he and the Squad vanished, only to find themselves in a barren wasteland.

A mental scan revealed they were in Champion's mind. In the distance were two mental signatures: Champion's and something strange and different. As they started towards the signatures, the Championland theme park sprung up before them. After visiting such park attractions as the roller coaster that showed them the highs and lows of Champion's life and the House of Horrors where each Squad member faced and defeated their fears about themselves, the team continued the trek towards the signatures. Soon, a prison came into view.

Defeating the prison guards, the team ran to Champion's cell. He was bound and unconscious. As they began to free him, an intercom announcement told them to report to the warden's office. Without warning, the Squad, Red Fury, and Champion were in an office with a man in a Soviet military uniform. Deducing he was the strange mind detected, the Squad demanded to know who he was. The warden relented and changed into a humanoid creature with grayish blue skin, red hair, a long thin head with sagging jowls, a stocky body, and short arms and legs. Introducing himself as Zyzzaxx of the Goraxian Empire, he told his tale.

He was a scout sent to evaluate whether or not Gorax should invade Earth. His mental energy had been teleported to Earth orbit (with his body to be called later) where it collided with and became tangled with Champion's mind. Unable to escape, Zyzzaxx spent the next 24 years observing what little he could from Champion's comatose body. He did not have a favorable view of Earth but the Squad was able to convince him to stick around for awhile to give the planet a fair chance. With Forethought's help, they all left Champion's mind and the hero began to revive, much to the relief of Red Fury and Nightingale.

Fearing the public's reaction to an alien presence on Earth, it was decided that the Zyzzaxx's existence a secret so he could better observe life on Earth. At his father's request, Red Fury gave up the experimental steroids he was using to enhance his powers and in exchange for his silence about Zyzzaxx, he negotiated a pardon for his crimes and a spot on SuperSquad America as Impact, so he could better get to know his half-sister.

When Zyzzaxx attempted to retrieve his body from Gorax, he found he could not contact his home planet at all. Realizing he could not survive long without a body, he arranged with OASIS to have his mental energy bonded with the body of a dead homeless man. Left pretty much with just his sense-tricking powers and drawing inspiration from comic books that Rick Davies lent him, he decided the best way to learn about Earth's better qualities was to be a superhero. So he joined the Squad as the Mysterious Mr. Z.


Originally Run: Origins 2005, Gen Con Indy 2005, Gen Con So Cal 2005