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SuperSquad America 4 (2001)

Tragical Mystical Tour

In July of 2001, after an attack by an aged mystic named Xorgon, who blamed them for the death of his sister, SuperSquad America found themselves before the cosmic being known as the Guardian of Truth and Justice. The Guardian told them that making Dynamo the new Template had led to an imbalance between magic and technology on both Earth and at least one of its extradimensional counterparts, that this imbalance was being exploited, and that they were to fix the situation.

Returned to their headquarters and realizing they lacked the mystical knowledge to tackle this situation, the Squad contacted the Order of the White Shield for help and learned that the Order's leader, Francis Albert Carlotti had been kidnapped. Tracking down his kidnapper, they were led to the Sorceress' old tower, where their enemy DeathGrip had Carlotti strapped into a machine where he was being used as a focus for mystical energies. After a brief battle with DeathGrip and his robot minions, DeathGrip teleported away. They freed Carlotti, but suddenly they felt a strange sensation as they were transported away.

The Squad and Carlotti were now in Eyratha, the extradimensional home world of Silver Bow's mother, Finesse, and were face to face with Garlandra, the daughter of the evil wizard Garlak who had been defeated by the original Squad years before. Garlandra had taken control of Eyratha and had executed, she claimed, all of Silver Bow's family, the royal family of Eyratha. She had teamed with DeathGrip to drain Earth's magic into Eyratha, thus increasing the technological potential of Earth and the magical potential of Eyratha.

Stripped of their gear and trapped in magical force bubble, the team escaped and met up with members of the Eyratha underground, who led them to Silver Bow's grandmother Allyandra, who still lived, but was very frail. Before dying in her granddaughter's arms, Allyandra told Silver Bow to save their world and lead it into a new age of freedom. Working with the underground, the Squad found and defeated Garlandra. When Silver Bow was offered the Eyrathan crown, she refused, choosing to serve instead as Regent Absentia and help guide Eyratha to freedom and democracy. The Squad was returned to Earth and with the aid of Eyrathan mystics, the portal machine was altered to let magic be shared between the worlds and was moved to the temple of the Order of the White Shield in Tibet. A portal to Eyratha was also set up in the basement of the Squad's headquarters to allow Silver Bow and others to easily travel there when needed.


Originally Run: Gen Con 2001