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Besides SuperSquad America themselves, there are a variety of other superheroes in the world. Below is a sampling of just some of the heroes and potential allies that the Squad may be able to call on in times of need:

The Remarkable Wrong-Righters

See the Remarkable Wrong-Righters web site.


Based in San Francisco, Vanguard protects the Bay Area and most of California. They are the second best known team in the U.S.A. They are best known for their rescue efforts during Quake King's 1999 attack on San Francisco that could have been devastating were it not for Vanguard's efforts. The current roster of Vanguard is as follows:

  • Fast Break (Barbara Caulfield) -- Speedster and team leader. Barbara is a former NCAA basketball superstar from the University of Connecticut whose powers surfaced just before the 1997 Championship game.
  • Sky Hawk (Secret ID) -- Flying blaster with a set of jet-powered wings. Sky Hawk is also the team tactician. From the tactics he has shown in the field, it is generally believed that Sky Hawk is ex-military.
  • Snow Flake (Secret ID) -- Cold powers. Snow Flake is also very agile in combat. While she does have some strong offensive capabilities, she often acts in a support facility. She and Sky Hawk appear to be extremely close and many times, Sky Hawk has gone out of his way to protect her in combat.
  • Faultline (Secret ID) -- Has the unusual ability of being able to sense weak points in objects and people and exploit those weak points to shatter items and damage people. During Quake King's 1999 attack, Faultline discovered that he had also had the ability to hold breaking items together and even repair them, although this ability tends to take a lot out of him.
  • Hard Rock (Nate Dillon) -- The team brick. Nate is a large black man with rock hard skin and super strength. Nate is a big rock and roll fan and has actually arranged corporate sponsorship with the Hard Rock Cafe. Nate also has an armored motorcycle.
  • Striker (Secret ID) -- Martial artist. Like most superhero martial artists, Striker is extremely agile and is a superb hand-to-hand combatant. Striker has also shown the ability to concentrate and affect his opponents at a distance in the same way as if he was in direct melee combat with them. Striker is also the most recent addition to the team, having joined in late 2000.

The Samaritan Society

Based in Chicago, The Samaritan Society is a privately funded superhero team that works throughout the mid-west. There current membership roster is as follows:

  • Epitome (Secret ID) -- Team Leader. He is the height of human perfection, a martial artist beyond compare. Epitome has been an active superhero since 1975 and does not seem to have aged at all. He is one of the most respected heroes around.
  • Brain Teaser (Secret ID) -- The team's mentalist. She is always a trained psychologist and has often used her powers to enhance therapy when helping people (particularly fellow superheroes).
  • Prairie Wind (Kevin Kowalski) -- Speedster with the ability to control wind.
  • Electron (Secret ID) -- Has the ability to shrink to atomic size. Also wields nuclear powers.
  • Long Arm (Secret ID) -- Stretching hero with a strong reputation for upholding the law.
  • Lady Athena (Secret ID) -- Flying warrior woman who claims to have been granted her powers by the spirit of the goddess Athena.
  • Dr. Eternity (Alan Langstrom) -- Master of mystical marvels.

Her Majesty's Own

Based in London, Her Majesty's Own is the United Kingdom's official superhero team. There current membership roster is as follows:

  • Lady Britannia (Secret ID) -- Team Leader. She has the ability to call upon the "spirits" and abilities of both real life and mythical heroes of the British Isles.
  • Flying Scotsman (Neil MacLeod) -- Fast and strong, like the locomotive from which he took his name. Married to Godiva.
  • Godiva (Jennifer Hawthorne MacLeod) -- Martial artist in a flesh-colored costume that makes her appear naked (and can often prove distracting to her male opponents). She also has living hair that she can use to attack and bind her foes. Godiva is the wife of the Flying Scotsman.
  • Dragonslayer (Sir Gavin) -- Knight in shining armor. Sir Gavin hails from an alternate dimension where dragons were real and claims to have been the foremost dragon fighter in his realm. He wields an enchanted sword and wears enchanted armor. He also has the ability to see the intent to do evil in the hearts of others.
  • Tower (Secret ID) -- A brick who can grow to a height of 15 feet.
  • The Golden Bard (Secret ID) -- Can manipulate the hearts and minds of others through the music of his magic lute. He is also extremely athletic and flamboyant.
  • The Vicar (Secret ID) -- Uses what he believes is the power of God to battle crime. He has the ability to heal others and can perform other feats similar to miracles that are described in the Bible.
  • Sandra Victorious (Secret ID) -- Flying blaster.  Sandra is the only known drag queen superhero in the world. While at a distance, "she" appears to be a woman, it is obvious to anyone who gets too close that Sandra is a man dressing as a woman. Her name comes from the line "send her victorious" from the anthem "God Save the Queen" which is often misquoted by school children as "Sandra Victorious".

The Peacekeepers

Based throughout the country, the Peacekeepers are Canada's national super team. While members of the team often get together to battle major threats, they most often operate as solo heroes in their own regions. The current roster is as follows:

  • Captain Toronto (Ed Lawton) -- Flying energy blaster. Ed Lawton is very much a hero in the classic mode. He is almost as much of a celebrity as he is a superhero. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and even hosts his own show on a local Toronto station. He is, of course, based in Toronto, Ontario and is the team leader.
  • Canadian Shield (Secret ID) -- With skin as tough as the geographical formation for which he is named, the Canadian Shield uses his flight and super strength to battle crime in Manitoba, Northern Ontario, and Saskatchewan from his base of operations in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Coureur de Bois (Secret ID) -- Named for the "runners of the woods" from the days of the fur trade, Coureur de Bois is a speedster who has learned the ways of hunting and tracking from elders of the First Nations family that raised him. He is based in Quebec City, Quebec.
  • Fleur de Lis (Marie Fortin) -- Fleur de Lis, like her cousin Wild Rose, has plant powers. In addition, she is also an accomplished martial artist which combined with her strict Catholic upbringing makes her very disciplined in combat. While she is willing to protect and fight for all Canadians, she does believe that Quebec's role in Canada needs to be redefined, a fact that has caused has some friction with her teammates, especially Captain Toronto. Her name comes from the symbol that appears on the Quebec provincial flag. She is based in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Wild Rose (Lisa Dankowski) -- Like her cousin Fleur de Lis, Wild Rose has plant powers. Unlike her cousin, she is much more of a scrapper with a fiery temper and a combat style more representative of a hockey player. She takes her name from Alberta's provincial flower and is based in Red Deer, Alberta.
  • Ancient Mariner (Secret ID) -- Nobody really knows much about the Ancient Mariner, except that he seems to be the epitome of the classic sea captain and has a mystical connection with the sea. He is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but he and his boat seem to be able to appear almost instantly on any large body of water, an ability that is often used to transport the whole team. 
  • Mr. Steel (Mark Brewer) -- Mark Brewer was a steelworker who accidentally fell into a vat of molten steel and came out as a being of living steel with the strength and resilience of the material of which he is now made. In many ways, Mark is the classic working man who enjoys nothing more than getting together with his buddies at the local bar to knock back some Molsons while watching a hockey game on TV. He is based in Canada's steel city, Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Bathing Beauty (Elayne Donner) -- Elayne was a former Olympic medalist in swimming for Canada at the 1992 Barcelona games. A stunning beauty, she gained her powers (super swimming and water control powers) from a bizarre accident involving underwater nuclear waste from which she was rescued by the Ancient Mariner. Her looks and bubbly personality have made her almost as popular with the media as Captain Toronto.

The Teen Machine

The Teen Machine was originally formed when five super-powered teens got together in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Spring break in 1998 to fight the Beddy-Bye Brigade who were on a crime spree in the area. After their initial formation, they only got together occasionally for the next couple of years, but following the death of Ricky Duncan (Star Flare) in 2000, they set up permanent operations in Fort Lauderdale. The current roster is as follows:

  • Steel Magnolia (Donna Gordon) -- Team Leader. Donna is essentially a southern belle in a battlesuit. She was Star Flare's girlfriend and is the one responsible for getting the team together on a permanent basis in his memory. She "liberated" her battlesuit from her father's lab at the Atlanta facilities of OASIS. Due to the fact that the suit was designed to bond with its operator, there was little choice but to let her keep it.
  • Stormfront (Marty Maxwell) -- Marty is the son of Mary Maxwell, who enjoyed a brief career as a superhero is the early seventies as the Weather Girl, before retiring to raise a family. Marty inherited his mother's weather control powers.
  • Rapture (Bobbi Dawkins a.k.a. DJ Rapture) -- Bobbi is an Africa-American female rapper with the mental ability to alter the emotions of others.
  • Wave (Keith Samuels) -- Keith is a surfing fanatic with the ability to control water. 
  • Blade (Tony Samuels) -- Tony is at home on roller blades as his older brother Keith is on a surfboard. In addition to his exceptional ability on roller blades, he is an expert fencer. He joined the team when it set up permanently after Ricky Duncan's death.

Team Disney

In the fall of 2001, the Disney corporation formed its own superhero team, based on characters in their popular animated movies, using people's natural powers and special devices to give them appropriate abilities. Disney disbanded the team in 2005 when they decided to get out of the superhero business. The roster was as follows:

  • Aladdin (Secret ID) -- Team Leader. Aladdin is a young man with superb acrobatic and stealth abilities. He also has a flying carpet and a "magic" lamp (that he call his genie) that can create semi-solid holographic effects. Both of these devices were built especially for him by engineers under contract to Disney.
  • Beauty (Alicia Chance) -- The former Friction Lass left SuperSquad America and has joined Team Disney has one half of the pair Beauty and the Beast. She has the ability to control friction and air resistance.
  • The Beast (Secret ID) -- Like Aladdin, the Beast depends upon a device built for him by Disney. In his case, it is a large powered armor suit that resembles the character from the movie and gives him exceptional strength and defenses as well as razor sharp claws.
  • The Little Mermaid (Secret ID) -- She is an exceptional swimmer (and seems to be able to breathe under water) as well as the ability to shrink to about two inches in height. There have been rumors that she was created through genetic experimentation by Disney, but the corporation has denied it.
  • Snow White (Lily Jamison) -- Like Alicia Chance, Lily had a previous superhero career as the independent hero, Ice Wind. She has snow- and cold-related powers. To go with her name, Disney has provided with seven robotic "dwarfs" that she can use to create various additional effects.