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Artwork by Kerry Connell

Silver Bow's Character Sheet (6th Edition) in PDF

Name: Kelly Quinn

Occupation: Investigative Reporter

Birth Date: December 3, 1972

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: New Rochelle, NY

Like Challenger, you're a child of the first Super-Squad America. When your father, the Silver Archer, and the Squad saved the extradimensional world of Eyratha from the evil wizard Garlak, he met and fell in love with Princess Leianda. As a reward, the king gave the Archer both an enchanted bow and his daughter's hand in marriage. Leianda joined the Squad as Finesse.

When the Squad broke up in 1976, Silver Archer and Finesse retired to their lives as Danny and Lee Quinn, reporter and ballet dancer, to give you a normal life. You were a happy, outgoing child and it was soon clear you had inherited not only your mom's superior speed and strength and your dad's affinity for the bow but also their sense of justice and fair play. Thus, in high school, you didn't become a star athlete, but instead became an excellent student, school paper editor, and valedictorian. Like your father, you studied Journalism at Columbia.

But that all changed when you came home from class on May 8, 1993. Finding the back door ajar and the house ransacked, you raced upstairs. But you were too late; your parents were dead. Hearing a noise from the kitchen, you tore downstairs and came face to face with a 13 year old boy with a gun. From the look in his eyes, he was clearly a junkie. Before he could pull the trigger, you disarmed him and had him in a headlock. Only the values of your parents kept you from twisting his head off right then and there. But what if they were wrong? Justice and fair play may have been fine in their day but today's world was different. A tougher world needed a tougher hero. Donning a version of your mom's costume and arming yourself with your dad's bow and a deadlier arsenal of arrows, you took to the streets as Silver Bow.

In September 1997, David Kennedy asked you to join a new SuperSquad America. You hoped the team would tackle real criminals and not just costumed supervillains. While that turned out not to be the case, the naïvetée of your teammates recalled your parents' simpler view of the world and helped keep your dark side in check.

In July 2001, the Squad ended up in Eyratha, where Garlandra, Garlak's daughter, had seized control and slaughtered almost all the royal family… your family. Only your grandmother still lived, but she was very frail. Before dying in your arms, she told you that you must save Eyratha and lead it into a new age of freedom. After Garlandra's defeat, you were offered the Eyrathan crown. You refused, but agreed to act as Regent Absentia and help guide the transition from monarchy to democracy. Returning to Earth, you had a portal to Eyratha built in the basement of the Squad's HQ.

Between your work on Eyratha, being Silver Bow, and your investigative reporting for NewsView magazine, the stress began to get to you. When the Squad defeated Time Twister (a villainous Bernie from a possible future) on January 1, 2002, the team had a chance to change the past. You insisted your parents must be saved but the team couldn't reach consensus. Bernie, as the only one who could operate the Time Room, decided to take the team back to 24 hours before your parents' deaths. You faked the murders to avoid changing history, and brought your parents back to 2002. Your parents moved to Eyratha and your mom took over as Regent. But thanks to the portal, you can visit any time.

The Time Twister incident also affected your teammates. Bernie worried about becoming a villain. Challenger worried about Dianne, who died in Time Twister's future and, as a result, began to drive the team hard to make sure such a future would not occur. Rick, of course, resented Challenger's iron glove approach.

In July 2003, EAGLES head Jeffrey Knox, turned traitor and used Time Twister's Black Squad, an evil version of your Squad, and the related technology to try and overthrow the U.S. government. The team only defeated Knox thanks to Forethought who pushed her powers to the limit to destroy the computer controlling the virtual reality world in which Knox had trapped the team. This move cost Karen her mental powers, large chunks of her memory, and her boyfriend when Crimson Fist committed suicide. It was then that Challenger and Rick decided to step down as team leader and deputy leader and asked you to take over. Reluctantly, you agreed and appointed Diva as deputy.

In June 2004, the team journeyed to the Realm of the Dead and returned Crimson Fist to life in exchange for Karen giving birth to the Guardian of the Afterlife as a human so he could better understand human emotions. However, since his Jerry Curtis identity was still dead, Crimson Fist adopted the new identity of Jackson Kirby.

In September 2005, the Squad went to Ukraine to stop Red Fury and his dream machine, powered by his comatose father, Champion, the great Soviet hero. Champion, it turned out, was also Nightingale’s father. You freed Champion from his 24 year coma, which was caused by Zyzzaxx, the first known alien, who’d been stuck in the hero’s mind all that time. As part of the deal to keep Zyzzaxx’s existence secret, Red Fury joined the Squad as Impact. And when Zyzzaxx had to merge with a human body to survive, he too joined. They replaced Rick Davies and Swift Kick, who left to found the Remarkable Wrong-Righters. 

On September 18 2006, DeathGrip murdered Dianne Armstrong Kennedy who was both David Kennedy’s wife and Bernie Armstrong’s mother as well as the team’s administrative assistant. The villain wanted the Squad to kill him because he was dying of cancer, but instead you returned him to prison, where he died five months later. David decided to retire as Challenger and Bernie disappeared seemingly intent on using time travel to save his mother. 

After Dianne's death, the team has carried on, but you have not been able to bring yourself to find a new administrative assistant for the team, nor to replace either Challenger or Fast Track. You hope David will change his mind and that Bernie can be found and brought back into the fold. 

On the personal side, you have continued your on and off relationship with photographer Lonny Drake, but your dedication to both your job and the team has made it difficult.


Note: This background is written in a second person style as it is the background provided to the player playing the character in the SuperSquad America event.