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Artwork by Kerry Connell

Mr. Z's Character Sheet (6th Edition) in PDF

Name: Zyzzaxx/Bob Robertson

Occupation: Alien Scout/Temp Worker

Birth Date: ~1953

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: Gorax, Goraxian Empire

You were born almost 60 Earth years ago on Gorax, capital world of the Goraxian Empire. Like all Goraxian children, you were raised in the communal nursery where your talents and tendencies were studied to determine the field of service you should pursue as an adult. For you, that turned out to be the Goraxian Imperial Scout Service, the individuals sent to examine planets and determine whether they were suitable for settlement (in the case of uninhabited worlds) or invasion (in the case of habited worlds).

As a member of the Scout Service, you were trained to use your mental powers to make yourself blend in, or disappear, as well as to trick the senses of the natives. Most importantly, you learned how to project your mind across interstellar distances and call your body later. Your first few missions were investigating uninhabited worlds and you completed them easily, earning the praise and admiration of your superiors. Next, you were sent to the planet Markul and recommended that due to planet's peaceful nature and its rich mineral stores, it was a prime candidate for invasion. Goraxian forces invaded and easily conquered the world, making it a plum source of raw materials for future endeavors. As the scout who had recommended the invasion, you were now in line to receive more important assignments.

Meanwhile, word had begun to reach the Empire of a planet called Earth which apparently was home to a large number of superbeings. While Earth was quite distant, the Empire was concerned about the situation for reasons that were never made completely clear. You were assigned to investigate Earth and recommend its fate. You were briefed on what the Empire knew about the world (which turned out not to be a whole lot) and sent off. Or at least your mind was. You felt ready but no one could be prepared for what was about to happen.

Your mental energy sped across the cosmos towards Earth. As you got close, you sensed an obstacle in your path. You tried to avoid it, but failed and your mind's journey came to an abrupt halt as it collided with the superhuman you would come to know as Champion. He immediately fell unconscious and you were trapped. You tried to contact Gorax mentally but your mental waves could not seem to escape Champion's body.

You had no choice but to wait. Of course, while you waited, you could learn about Earth from Champion's mind. You were amazed. Earth was a barbaric planet where nations made war on a regular basis, where superbeings fought one another for little or no reason, and where the weakest were walked all over by the strongest. Clearly, this world was a dangerous place that needed the Empire's strong hand to set it right. But to do that, you needed to be free.

For almost 24 Earth years, Champion lay comatose, largely ignored and given only minimum care. Was this how earthlings treated their heroes? Shameful. Then one day, Champion was moved and connected to a machine. His mind reached out to others. Fearing what might occur if he awoke while you were trapped, you used your powers to suppress his efforts. Soon a battle raged about you and a strong human mind tried to contact Champion. Maybe this mind could help you get free. You tried to contact it and instead ended up pulling that person and the others nearby into Champions mind. Your visitors were Red Fury, Champion's son, and a team of superbeings called SuperSquad America. They were going to try to free Champion from his coma.

To delay them while you prepared, you created obstacles using elements of Champion's mind including the Championland theme park (although the House of Horrors was a way to learn more about earthlings -- you still had a job to do) and the prison in which you would make it clear that to free Champion they needed to deal with you. When they arrived, you laid out the situation: free you and Champion could be free. But these people were not satisfied, they wanted your assurance that Earth would not be invaded. They cared more about the fate of the world than their own fates. Maybe there was some nobility to earthlings after all. In the end, you comprised and agreed to learn more about Earth before making your recommendation and in return, they would help free you from Champion's mind. Combining your own mental powers with Forethought's and drawing on everyone's willpower, you all left Champion's mind.

As it turned out, you were the first being from another planet known to visit Earth. But to allow you to carry out your mission, everyone involved agreed to keep your presence a secret. However, completing your mission would be harder than expected. When you tried to contact Gorax to call your body, there was no response at all. You were stranded on Earth as mental energy, but as any Goraxian scout knew, you could not survive long in that form. Turning to SuperSquad America for help, Rick Davies the Resilient Rubber-Man suggested bonding your mental energy and life force to a human body. Not only would you survive, but it would be even easier to blend in. Rick's fellow scientists at OASIS found a suitable body in the form of a recently homeless man. You sacrificed some powers, but you would live. While you were recovering, Rick lent you a variety of comic books and persuaded you that being a superhero was a good way to see both the best and the worst that Earth had to offer. Creating a costume that included a mask, an armored trench coat, and spandex tights, you joined SuperSquad America as the Mysterious Mr. Z. You also created the identity of Bob Robertson and as such, have worked a variety of temp jobs.

In September 2006, DeathGrip killed Dianne Kennedy, wife of Challenger, mother of Fast Track, and team administrative assistant. When it came to earthlings, Dianne was one of the good ones and her very existence was a reason not to invade. But the fact that an earthling could be as vicious and cruel as DeathGrip was an argument for invasion. You also got to see the effect that Dianne's death had on the rest of the team. If they can't face something like death without falling to pieces, maybe earthlings aren't worthy of survival.

So far, you are not sure what to make of earthlings. While they are clearly inferior to Goraxians, they are not without their good points. Of course, if you can't find a way to contact Gorax, your opinion may not matter.


Note: This background is written in a second person style as it is the background provided to the player playing the character in the SuperSquad America event.


Character Update: In July 2011, after the tragic events of Silver Bow's wedding and Diva assuming the role of Guardian of the Afterlife, Mr. Z asked the Council of Guardians to send him home. They did so. His fate since then is currently unknown.