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SuperSquad Ameria 14 (2011)

SuperSquad America is a Hero System (Champions) roleplaying event run by Rod Currie at Gen Con, Origins, and other gaming conventions. Each SuperSquad America event is a separate adventure in the lives of America's premier super team.

Year 14 of SuperSquad America is scheduled to be run as a single-round six hour event at Origins 2012, DEXCON 15, and Gen Con 2012.

Here is the description for this year's event:

SuperSquad America (Champions)

When you're a member of America's premier superteam, making tough decisions is a way of life. But is SuperSquad America's newest member ready for the personal risks that such decisions may entail? Roleplaying emphasized.

Contact Rod Currie, creator of SuperSquad America.

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All character artwork for Challenger, Crimson Fist, Diva, El Portador, Forethought, Friction Lass, Impact, Mysterious Mr. Z, Nightingale, Rick , Silver BowSwift Kick and Fast Track was created by Kerry Connell. Thanks Kerry. Coloring was done by Rod Currie.

Other character artwork created with HeroMachine or Champions Online.

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