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Artwork by Kerry Connell

Diva's Character Sheet (6th Edition) in PDF

Name: Lena Fontaine

Occupation: Fitness Guru

Birth Date: February 24, 1975

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 240 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Place of Birth: St. Louis, MO

Born in St. Louis in 1975 with a doctor for a mother and a professor for a father, you were raised to be proud of your African-American heritage, but you're not militant about it. While a decent student, your real interest was sports. You excelled in track and field, earned a track scholarship to Louisiana State, and were on target for the 1996 Olympics.

In June 1995, while in Chicago for a track meet, you awoke to find that instead of being 5'11" and 155 lbs., you were 6'4" and 240 lbs and strong enough to lift a small plane. You were now also drop dead gorgeous. As far as anyone has been able to tell, the dietary supplements (within NCAA regulations) you had been taking had triggered your latent superpowers.

As a superhuman, your days in competitive sports were over. Your scholarship was revoked, but you stayed at LSU, doing fitness modeling to pay tuition. You worked with OASIS's New Orleans branch to discover the limits of your strength and toughness and how to control them. You also learned that you needed a special diet and a rigorous workout regime to maintain your new super physique. You became a strong advocate of eating and living healthily and after graduating, you hosted your own syndicated TV show in New York. The show Fabulous Fitness made you a minor celebrity, resulting in a guest starring role as yourself on Friends, several appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman, your weekly Fitness Forum column in the New York American and several books with your name on them as author (although actually written by others). You mingled with the highest of high in New York City society, and were often seen out on the town with the country's most eligible bachelors. You also made numerous appearances for charities, often performing feats of strength to entertain the crowds.

When your TV show ended in early 2001, your agent Max Cromwell kept you busy with talk and charity shows. On March 8 of that year, you were a guest on Letterman when the supervillain King Klobber attacked the studio, bellowing that you were the only woman for him. When you said no, Klobber began to attack everything in sight. While fighting supervillains was not your thing, you threw yourself into battle, drawing Klobber away from the audience, stars, and crew. The battle was hard fought (although Klobber enjoyed it a bit too much for your liking) and you almost had him until he attacked one of the theatre's main support pillars. Fortunately, you were able to hold the pillar up to let people get out. Unfortunately, King Klobber got away.

While you never wanted to be a superhero, you found the experience exhilarating. And Max loved the publicity. Candy Dobbs, the New York American's superhero reporter, dubbed you Diva. So, to your lengthy list of activities, you added superhero. And you were good at it. But that was no surprise. You were stronger, tougher, and better looking than most of the other heroes.

In October 2001, you were asked to join SuperSquad America. While you were ambivalent, Max convinced you that it would be great for your image because of the Squad's reputation as America's premier superteam. Your first major encounter with the Squad was on January 1, 2002 when the team took on Time Twister, a villainous version of Fast Track from a possible future. After defeating Time Twister, the team had to decide if and how they might use his Time Room to change history. Silver Bow was very insistent about saving her parents. With no consensus in sight, Bernie unilaterally took the team back in time to fake the murders of Silver Bow's parents and bring them back to 2002.

In July 2003, Major Jeffrey Knox, head of EAGLES, turned traitor and used technology turned over to them by Challenger as part of his plan. Only the heroics of Forethought let the Squad prevail. But it cost her. She lost not only her powers but also her boyfriend when Crimson Fist took his own life after letting frustrations get to him. After that debacle, Challenger and Rick stepped down as team leader and deputy. At their request, Silver Bow took over and, to your surprise, asked you to be her deputy. She'd handle strategy and tactics and you'd handle publicity and morale.

In June 2005, after facing a villain named DeathTap who had opened a portal to the Realms of the Dead to steal dead superbeings' powers, the Squad entered the Realms yourselves and got Jerry back. But once again it took a sacrifice on Forethought's part -- she would give birth to the Guardian of the Afterlife in human form as one of a pair of twins. You sometimes wonder if you could make that kind of sacrifice. In September 2005, the Squad visited Ukraine to stop Red Fury and his Soviet era dream machine which brought people's nightmares to life. Powering the machine was Red Fury's comatose father, the Soviet hero Champion. You learned Champion was also Nightingale's father. The team freed Champion from his 24 year coma which was caused by Zyzzaxx, the first known alien, who got stuck in the Soviet hero's mind when he was sent to determine if his planet should invade Earth. After the Squad talked him into learning more about Earth before recommending its fate, all involved agreed to keep his existence secret. For his silence, Red Fury got a pardon and joined the Squad as Impact. And when Zyzzaxx had to merge with a human body to survive, he too joined as the Mysterious Mr. Z.

On September 18 2006, DeathGrip murdered Dianne Armstrong Kennedy. Dianne was not only Challenger's wife, but Bernie's mother and the team's administrative assistant. While you were never as close to Dianne as others, you still felt her loss. Even more so, you've felt the effect that her loss has had on the team. Challenger retired and Fast Track disappeared, intent on using time travel to save Dianne. Thus far, Silver Bow has not replaced either hero nor has she hired a replacement for Dianne. Some days, it seems like she and others on the team are just going through the motions. You have done your best to hold the team together but it hasn't always been easy.


Note: This background is written in a second person style as it is the background provided to the player playing the character in the SuperSquad America event.


Character Update: After being killed, but not dying, at Silver Bow's wedding on July 16, 2011, Diva decided to take on the role of Guardian of the Afterlife on the Council of Cosmic Guardians to replace the late Morty Scheinbaum.